For buyers

Simplify the way to pay your suppliers

Synchronize invoices, approve and pay them in seconds. Make bank transfers completely free or pay by credit using a business card.

Accounts payable

3-way-match approval

Invoice management

Checkout for suppliers

Automate and control your accounts payable

Accounts Payable

It will be easy to find the invoices to pay from each of your suppliers.


The AP department will easily know which invoices are ready to pay by having the 3-way-match (Purchase Order + Receipt + Invoice) in one place.

Invoice Management

You can upload the corresponding invoice for each purchase order to verify your payment. This will be visible to everyone involved in real-time, allowing you to have a better organization.

Checkout for suppliers

Avoid delays in the process and pay your suppliers quickly, with any payment method.

Payments always on time and under control

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VendorPlace simplifies and automates purchasing tasks so the team can focus on the strategy.

Payments always on time and under control

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