For buyers

Collaborate with all your suppliers in one platform

We simplify and improve the communication with your seuppliers in real time, on the same platform.

Supplier portal

Verification of suppliers on blacklists

Real time collaboration

Digital vendor records

Reliable suppliers and agile purchasing

Supplier Portal

Your suppliers will be able to create a free account on VENDORPLACE Sell, so you can collaborate with them during all the process, no need to use other platforms.

Supplier Onboarding and Verification

Don’t risk your company! Make sure to work with reliable providers and verify that they are not blacklisted by the SAT. Request documents, verify, approve and safeguard them digitally and securely.

Real time Collaboration

They’ll easily create digital catalogs for quick PO and RFQ. Streamline the process and allow them to upload invoices to the platform.

Digital Vendor Records

Centralize all the information in one place, document your entire process digitally for compliance (registration of the vendor, PO, invoices and payments).

Security and simplicity in business purchases

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VENDORPLACE simplifies and automates the procurement process, so the team can focus on accomplishing the strategy goals.

Collaborate with your all your suppliers in one platform

Get a free demo and communicate with your suppliers without complications