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Purchase requisitions

PO details


Budget management

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Purchase Requisitions

Create a digital catalog that integrates all your suppliers, so that any collaborator can easily request products. The assigned approver decides whether to proceed with the purchase or not.

Digital workflows

PO Details

You’ll see the details of every request, from its creation, approval, shipment-to-supplier, complete the payment, as well as the person who performed each action.

Reports and notifications

Approval Workflows

You’ll be able to define approval workflows with the flexibility you require, either by maximum amount, by the group to which they belong, or by budget.

Digital workflows

Budget Management

Create all the budgets you need. It will be easy to know the amount spent to date and get control, so you’ll never spend more.

Reports and notifications

Mobile approval

Approve purchases from anywhere through Yaydoo’s App

Get total control of the business purchasing process

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Get total control of the business purchasing process

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