Procurement Outsourcing

Procurement outsourcing and cloud based software to support your team

Manage all purchases of your company remotely thanks to our procurement outsourcing service.
Increase productivity with our virtual agent service.


Our procurement outsourcing provides your company with a virtual agent that supports purchasing process, reducing your operating costs and increasing productivity.

Start by creating purchase requests and purchase orders using Yaydoo’s virtual agent and cloud-based procurement software.

https://yaydoo.comwp-content/uploads/2019/08/icon_vpa2-300×225.pnghttps://yaydoo.comwp-content/uploads/2019/08/vpa.gifRFQ/RFP Support
Send a purchase request and receive a comparison of proposals.

Increase your performance
Reduce your team’s effort and provide the best service to end-users.

Order tracking
Get instant information about the status of your requests, purchase orders and deliveries.Vendor management
Rate your suppliers according to their costs and their performance.

Dedicated assistant
Get a dedicated Virtual Procurement Agent dedicated to your business.

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