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At Yaydoo we are convinced that listening to our customers needs is the key to adding value and a long term business relationship. That is why we see each of our clients as our allies.

We are focused on developing technological tools that help maximize productivity, and one of the main reasons we prefer to call them our allies and not customers, is because together we manage to understand their pain points and to find the best solutions.https://yaydoo.comwp-content/uploads/2019/07/clientes_home_wp.png

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About our allies

We want to invite you to know the stories behind our allies, who today help us to be a stronger Yaydoo, full of possibilities, productive environments and especially under controlhttps://yaydoo.comwp-content/uploads/2019/07/500-cliente.jpeg

500 Startups

¿Do you know Mafer? She is the 500 Startups operations manager, one of the most important Vnetur Capital funds in Latin America, but also a very important member for Yaydoo, it could be said that we are family.

Mafer follow up all the startups from the 500 Startups acceleration program, she takes care of every members need and keeps them under control to make sure they are happy on the program.

500 startups is my second formal job; keeping an entire team under control becomes complicated. Suddenly the needs of each person are so different and so diverse that it is difficult to maintain a good balance, Yaydoo came in handy to make our day to day easier, a task that took me 3 hours before Yaydoo, now I get it done in under 5 minutes, I always have Support and incredible attention.

All the companies that go through a procurement process and complicated expenses, I invite you to join Yaydoo!


Urbanwork is a work space that seeks a community with benefits such as flexible schedules, shorter distances, control over every members own work and meet more people who interact under the same ecosystem.

This companies environment´s tendency is based on making their workforce a priority, worry more about their comfort and motivation, this is one of Xiomara´s main tasks, seek the best experience for each member of this coworking through a good budget and clear finances.

Xiomara mentions Yaydoo as an easy tool that allows her finish various tasks that could take hours with just one click. From budget approval to knowing was every dollar spent on.
She loves having someone to support her whenever she needs it.

Yaydoo, the tool that will replace a lot of desk time, it will allow us to fix our productivity issues. She invites you to join her community and Urbawork as well as streamline processes and automate them with Yaydoo.https://yaydoo.comwp-content/uploads/2019/07/urbawork-cliente.jpeg