Improve the cash flow and liquidity of your company

Automate and manage your collections and payments from the same platform to optimize your capital, saving
time and money.

Charge and pay with any debit and credit card supported by:


Charge and pay with any debit and credit card supported by:


Finance for fast growing companies

Boost your business with tools to collect, invoice and accounting reconciliation faster.

Visibilidad de cuentas

Visibility of your accounts

Perform your business analyzes easily on your collections and payments. Send payment reminders to your customers and increase your income.

Automatiza la conciliación de cuentas

Automates accounting reconciliation of accounts

Synchronize and centralize your collections and payments, track your suppliers digitally with automatic accounting reconciliation.

Paga a tiempo

Pay on time

Take advantage of your business card to pay your suppliers without problems and give your business liquidity to continue growing.

Consolidate the independence of your business

Online reports and invoices to simplify your processes

Procesos 100% digital

100% digital processes

Carry out and follow up on all your invoice procedures in minutes.

Operaciones seguras

Transfer and payment system

We are compatible with all banks and fintech operating in Mexico.

Sistema de transferencias y pagos

Safe operations

Encrypted file system and high availability services.


Simplify your Collection

Send collection links to your clients and enable their credit card as a payment method and provide quick follow-up, grouping the information of your clients.


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