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In the midst of economic uncertainty, the union of both firms opens a horizon of hope and opportunity, not only for other technology startups, but also for Latin American companies.

Blockchain-based B2B payments and receivables company Paystand has merged with another accounts payable, cash flow management and liquidity solutions firm called Yaydoo, a deal that ushered in the formation of a new fintech unicorn.

The financial technology companies Paystand and Yaydoo, specialized in the market for collections, payments and business-to-business (B2B) transactions, gave to know its fusion to give way to a new Mexican “unicorn”.
Heraldo Binario
The new unicorn specified that the agreement is one of the largest technological transactions in the region, and will also allow make blockchain-based business solutions more accessible across the continent.
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Sergio Almaguer, CEO and Co-founder of Yaydoo talks about the merger with Paystand, reached a valuation that exceeds 1,000 million dollars and forms the largest global collection network.
Mexico Business News
Sergio Almaguer, Founder and CEO, Yaydoo, talks about the company’s merger with Paystand, based on a shared mission to create a cross-Americas and cross-payment method that is unique in the world, which led to the birth of the newest unicorn in Mexico.
Mexico Industry
In the midst of economic uncertainty, the union of both firms opens a horizon of opportunities. Both Paystand and Yaydoo offer a wide range of technology-based B2B solutions for the automation of transactions, payment processes and bill collection.
Yaydoo and Paystand merge to form the world’s largest network of B2B collections, payments and transactions on a blockchain platform.
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The alliance of the two companies aims to offer the entire continent options to automate their collection and payment operations, taking advantage of the strengths of the two companies.
The merger will create “the world’s largest network of collections, payments and B2B transactions on a blockchain platform”, and a new unicorn derived from a union between companies from Mexico and the United States.
Forbes México
Yaydoo merged with PayStand and, Through new investments derived from this operation, the firm has reached a valuation that exceeds 1,000 million dollars (mdd).

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