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“Yaydoo, the Mexican business payments startup that, through its software, automates financial flows of purchases, accounts payable and accounts receivable, shows the importance of efficient collection automation management.”
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“The company and its collaborators have focused their value proposition on accompanying and consolidating the financial stability and digital transformation of small and medium-sized companies, a sector that has proven to be the engine of economic activity in the country.”
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“Yaydoo is on a mission to create technology that increases the productivity of businesses and the well-being of people, helping them achieve financial prosperity through innovation.”
“Through its platforms, the startup helps more than 50,000 Mexican companies to maximize their cash flow and liquidity up to 30%”.
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“Yaydoo has impacted more than 50,000 Mexican companies and its goal is to simplify and improve their finances, thus improving their clients’ liquidity and cash flow by up to 30%.”
Yaydoo belongs to the 100 fastest growing startups in Mexico

“The Latin American region has already positioned itself as one of the most attractive to undertake and invest in startups.”
“YAYDOO has the task of offering solutions that allow businesses, large and medium, to reduce their expenses by optimizing each of your purchases.”
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“Yaydoo, through its PorCobrar platform, transforms accounts receivable into available liquid assets that accelerate business growth, allowing the automation of recurring and non-recurring collection flows, as well as payment reminders.”
“Yaydoo has helped more than 50,000 Mexican companies to simplify and improve their finances, digitizing transactions of more than 4 billion pesos through tens of thousands of operations. Thus, improving liquidity and cash flow of up to 30%. Your clients”.
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“Yaydoo has helped SMEs to professionalize their acquisitions, as well as making them much more efficient.”

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