Simplify your accounts receivable, reminders, and billing process with the easiest, fastest, and most agile collection system built for your finance team.

Centralize your purchasing process with invoicing and supplier portal with the most intuitive, simple and effective purchasing system. Created to save time on purchases and secure your budgets.


Manage your payments and collections from the same platform, optimizing your times, thanks to the centralization of all your accounts, suppliers and approvals.


Improve your cash flow, communication and liquidity

Modernize your finances and start enjoying the benefits of digital automation

Activación en segundos

Smart dashboards

Get visibility in all you accounts, with data filtered for the decision making.

Precios alcanzables

Financial management

Optimize the workflow of your finance team with effective and automatic processes.

Personalizables para cada empresa

Efective communication

All the power you need to communicate with your clients and vendors

Implementación sencilla e intuitiva

Simple and intuitive implementation

We give you an intuitive and simple platform that easily adapts to your company.

More than 50,000 companies enjoy the benefits of our platforms

“It is a very good platform, it helps us a lot with payments, we can request approval and control expenses, we are very happy”

Isela Enriquez Franco Administrative manager - Sotiderc

“It’s the first time that I work with a system like this; we loved the automation of the collection, thanks to the scheduled messages and emails, our clients pay on time and it gave the team more time for important activities.”

Margaret Pérez Administrative manager - GERAM

“It is the first platform we have used, it is very complete and accessible. Something that helps us a lot is the definition of budgets, we take better care of purchases”

Isela Enriquez Franco Gerente Administrativo - Sotiderc

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