5 Key Skills of Truly Great Office Managers

Office Managers are the key to workplace happiness. Having a good office manager in your team can make or break your company culture. 

Loss of efficiency and productivity due to friction between departments, lacking resources and supplies, and workforce unhappiness, can harm any company. The Office Manager is uniquely positioned to impact all of these factors. 

It is the Office Manager that manage supplies, resources, invoices, communications, company events, office budgets, administrative workforce, databases and many many more tasks. The Office Manager is clearly a central and key position for ensuring the success of a company. Therefore, having a good office manager is paramount.

Being an office manager is demanding. It takes a diverse set of skills and characteristics to really thrive and excel in the position.  We highlight 5 key characteristics of a great office manager

1.  Jack of All Trades

As an office manager, you must be able to take on any role at any time. From 

dealing with financials and invoices to managing social events. Companies places a lot of trust in their office managers, and their tasks and roles are numerous and varied. Great office managers are up to any challenge at any time.  

2.    Absolute accessibility

As an office manager, you should be completely accessible at all times, in terms of both availability and in terms of approachability, warmth and openness. Team members should feel welcome and comfortable approaching and getting help for tasks that she or he owns. 

3. Unrivaled communication skills


Great communication is the high octane fuel of office productivity and workplace happiness. There is nothing more damaging to these factors than miscommunication and poor coordination. Communication is an often overlooked skill and aspect of a good office manager, but is in our view perhaps the most important. 

Time diverted from the all-important task of communication and coordination, will undoubtedly decrease productivity and happiness. Therefore, any tool that will decrease the workload of many of the other responsibilities, will allow an office manager to achieve higher performance in areas that has a large impact on office performance.    

4.  Supreme organizational skills

A good office manager needs to be organized and display complete control and confidence in the organizational level of the office. However, as the Office Managers work and tasks are many and varied, keeping control of all task might be challenging. Moreover, a good office manager need not only be able to organize their own tasks but also that of office team members. Many office managers use organizational tools and software to help keep their work organized. Procurement of office supplies subsequent invoice handling is especially challenging, intimidating and time-consuming. Having systems in place that handles this, will boost your performance, confidence, and abilities as an office manager.

5. Proactivity

Truly great office managers are proactive and are anticipating future needs. However, most of the job is reactive, and that can be one of the biggest hurdles to proactivity. An office manager needs to react, and prioritize numerous request that an office manager receives from all over the organization. One way to streamline and optimize your workflow is to anticipate and plan for them in order to reduce reactive tasks. There is however, some areas that are more easily planned for. Chief among which is the office supply procurement. There is a number of tools an office manager can utilize to proactively deal with purchasing office supplies. Procurement platforms, such as Yaydoo, will let you schedule purchasing based on historic use and consumption of office supplies such as toner ink, coffee, paper etc.  


It takes a lot to become a truly great office manager. There are so many tasks that has to be done and roles to fill, that the workload might be overwhelming. The secret to become one is to streamline and automate tasks in order to focus on the things that make office managers truly great. After all, having the office manager focus on creating a happy workplace, will undoubtedly lead to higher productivity, team engagement and overall increased performance. 


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